The Master’s Workshop

As children, many dream of growing up fulfilling an exciting and adventurous life. For some it may be a World Explorer, a Treasure Hunter, or a Ballet Dancer and yet many find themselves as adults, far from their childhood dreams. Those childhood dreams were our way of saying that we would live life freely and boldly as adults, and we would not be held down by anything or any one. Unfortunately the reality of life caught up with us and we no longer have freedom to pursue the things we once dreamed of . We are so weighed down with the responsibilities of life that now we struggle with the repetitiveness of life and we have no way of walking in freedom, so it may seem. The Master's Workshop Encounter Weekend is set aside for the expressed purpose of Encountering the God who made you. Whether you don't know God yet or have walked with Him for years, He is inviting you spend this weekend as undivided time to understanding Him more. His desire is for everyone on Earth to know the joy, hope and freedom for which He died, and to break off the bondage’s and wounds of the past that keep us from walking in His abundant life.

During this weekend, you will:

Hear and experience your Heavenly Father's heart for you.

Experience repentance and forgiveness through the Cross.

Use the power of the Cross to break bondage’s and be healed from past wounds.

Be baptized with the Holy Spirit - your key to walking out the Christian life.

 2017 Encounter Dates


February 24-26

September 8-10


    March 03-05  

 September 15-17

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