Ever wonder what it is to be around a bunch of real guys that speak MAN?  


    The King’s Men is a gathering of dynamic men of all ages and from all walks of life that exist for the purpose of creating a strong bond of fellowship among men; encouraging men to assume their God given role of leadership in the home, church, and community. Teaching, training, and equipping men to be spiritual leaders. Men who are not ashamed of Jesus Christ and are learning to become HIS hands and feet.


    We men, are on the front line of battle for our wives, children, church, communities, and nation. We do this by connecting in fellowship and, holding each other accountable and lifting each other up in prayer.

    We invite any man to join us on this journey of growth. No matter where you come from, our goal is to help you get to where you are going as you move forward in Christ Jesus. For more info. or to attend our gatherings. Fill out the form and we will get you connected!