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 GPS is designed to help individuals discover their unique, personal callings. Everyone has a calling: the God-given intersection of gifts, passions, and stories. But not everyone knows their calling. GPS helps explore those three signals—gifts, passions, stories—and find their place in the kingdom. 

Our GPS Online Assessment helps you identify your unique personal calling by tuning in three “signals;” your Gifts, your Passions, and your Story.


GPS involves:

  • An online assessment that triangulates discovery of one’s Gifts, Passions & Stories to find a unique calling.

  • A GPS coaching session to review results, ponder God’s promptings, and consider possible steps to take.

 With this free tool and great GPS coaches you will be equipped  to take steps in your journey to better discover God’s unique calling in your life.

Want to know more about the GPS process click the link below to begin your journey. 

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